Saturday, 30 April 2016

We think we are individuals, which strangely (in-dividual) in common language means that we are different from everyone else. That is what we think but in fact we have all inherited brains of the same traits and characteristics. Sorrow does not taste different in Alaska than in New York or London. Nor does Fear or anger. We all have an inherited tendency to live in fragmentary perception, which pulls us like a huge magnet. However we can observe thoughts at the same time with any thoughts in the brain. We don't have to escape or react to sorrow or fear. Unitary Perception is the freedom. Knowing this means very little. We have to try it. Here and now. It is always here and now.

There is a little sanctuary not far from where I live for a girl who died in a car accident with her boyfriend a few years ago. When I am passing it I ask myself how they would live if they were given one more chance. What would be the best choice? Or is there a choice really?
What would you do if you had one day to live, one hour?
Well.. in fact this is a lot closer to truth than having many years like most of us tend to think. Tomorrow does not exist.

Friday, 29 April 2016

We don't teach children about the real war, the horror, the fear, the dirt, the destruction. Therefore war doesn't end. Our education is a phony thing. The modern psychology is not taught at school. Therefore psychologically we are living not very different from the middle ages.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Thought is the problem. If there is no thought, there is no problem. But what can we do when we are sitting in a dentist's chair and non-functional memories of a distant city come to the mind without any reason and sense? We are washing a tomato and catch ourselves thinking about this or that trifle. We are walking in a beautiful place by a forest and a lake with sparkling water in the sun, yet memories from a different path from some other place and time appear. Why do I start having thoughts about sex when I am completely alone in a room? And who am 'I', the centre of all this?

There is a whole function of the brain that is immensely extensive, which can envelop thought but which is far more important than thought: Unitary Perception. When one perceives in Unitary Perception, functional thought is given its factual place and non-functional thought ceases to be a problem.
Unitary Perception is the door to freedom from problems.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What is the solution to all human psychological suffering? Completely silent mind. Unitary Perception is the door to the freedom.
Who is that 'I', the problem maker who is so possessive and fearful and who is suffering so much and will in the end die? It is a thought! It is a thought which in fragmentary perception 'thinks' it is the thinker, the one who thinks. But in fact there is no such an entity. The 'I' is a superproduct of thought, it is another thought. This fact is observable in Unitary Perception. And in Unitary Perception, where is the problem?
Resistance to violence strengthens violence. Then it burns everything down in a conflict which has no end other than in smoldering ruin and exhaustion.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

It is absolutely necessary to completely end all self-pity, the lingering choking smoke which doesn't allow for crystal clarity. Eradication of self-pity means its intense observation together with all sound, the visual field and gravitation (weight) at the same time, now, without effort or expectation. It is not a technique or a trick, it is a way of living. Freedom lies in the extreme of detachment.

Monday, 25 April 2016

If we have any responsibility, it is first and foremost to be peaceful and happy in spite of anything that is going on in the society, not touching it. It is possible only in Unitary Perception.
Look at every problematic situation in this crazy society with thankfulness for a good lesson: what can I learn from it so that I can make good decisions and live intelligently, in peace and happiness?
We all want to reform the world but we must begin very near, with ourselves. First and

foremost we are responsible for our own freedom. The transformation of the world is

brought about by the transformation of the I.
The idea of the so called tomorrow is a funny one. We always think we have tomorrow to be happy, we think we have time to do what we should do. We don't find a cabin on the ocean and watch the
sun rise and set. We never stop.
But there is no tomorrow. Freedom is at the beginning, it is completely what is without that what should be. And what sees is all there is.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Like a gentle breeze.. what is there to lose?

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Unitary Perception is what every one looks for (somewhere else), liberation from human condition.

What is here now?

Is the answer knowing about the freedom or being the freedom?