Thursday, 28 December 2017

It is healthy when one gives his best irrespective of the effects. The results do not matter matter, there is no difference what happens, win or loss, 'good' or 'bad'. She does not have preferences. What counts is this one step while climbing, not reaching the summit!
On the other hand, it's unhealthy if my behaviour changes depending on the results. If I won, if it's sunny, if it's going OK, I'm happy. If I lost, if it's raining, if it's going 'bad', I'm unhappy. These are deep down not more than thoughts according to a certain pattern (conditioning). They may effect the whole system (the heart beat, etc.) through the M.E.T.A. process (mnemonic, eidetic, thymic, autonomic) But it doesn't change the fact that the root of the problem is thought.
If one is content for something, one is not truly content.
The epistemological definition of Unitary Perception is observation which includes the observer and the observed at the same time.
So there is nothing in the 'shadow'. There is no shadow. The shadow is a product of thought when one is not perceiving all what is happening right now.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Thought is incredible. One morning it says everything is black, you only make mistakes, nothing works, the world is suffocating you. It is what it says and if one does not have space in perception, Unitary Perception than it's very easy to despair, make incorrect decisions. Thought is necessary in the functional field, in work, how to build a bridge but it's a very blunt instrument and when it enters the psychological sphere of life, it multiplies lies and falsities.
In truth Life is so so, some things work, others don't, one day it's winter and rain (maybe a long time) but there comes a day when it's a sunny summer. Today can be very unlucky but if one perseveres, one can give himself a chance, probability is then higher that something can work out 'well'.

It's a mistake to wait for the sunny day or the day when everything works out well. We shouldn't be driven by the results, get attached to the things which give us pleasure. What we get attached to becomes the source of unhappiness, take it to the bank brother! Contentment for something is not true contentment.

So we are concerned with living life correctly, that's all. To make this one step without falling. Is it too much to take? To make this one step here right. It doesn't matter what the outcome is. A chilly Monday evening walk when the crows go to sleep in the alley is OK when the thought of a house on the sunny beach does not enter.

First of all I think it's important to be watchful when we are about to get entangled in the complicated things of the world. If we are very attentive and perceptive than perhaps we may not have to dis-entangle ourselves later, which can be very hard. Do you really want to smoke the cigarette because you had a bad day? You don't see what you are doing right now. You are certainly not helping yourself.

Every little step counts, now.
The internet is full of various 'coaches' and teachers advocating this or that. If one observes closely, what the majority of them are saying one can see that they are advocating one or another form of concentration: prayer, gods, transcendental meditation, how to found a company in 4 hours (the one who is writing this is not running a business himself just writing the advice) and so on.
Now, why would anyone believe in what they say? Why believe? Let's say one can try 'focusing on the breadth' for a year. What would one find? Obviously that when one part of thought is trying to focus, there is always a underlying part which controls it (the controller, the thinker, the me). So there can never be 100% concentration, aside perhaps of total hypnosis (dream like state). The state those people want is hypnosis? Apparently it is so. Why? Because it's advertised as peace. Hypnosis is advertised as peace.. But wait.. you cannot stay hypnotized the whole time. In transcendental meditation they will say to you: 'Practice with this mantra for an hour or two hours a day.' So it's even more complicated, doesn't make sense at all. The aim is to have the 'peace' (= struggle to concentrate on the mantra or prayer or whatever) from the practice in the other part of life! This is all truly a conundrum. But what can one ask when it's all wrong from the first step.
The fragmentary perception of thought is full of contradictions. And nobody even notices it. A hypnotized person would not notice an elephant in the room.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

One asks oneself, 'Is this all what life is about'? All this pain? Struggle to buy a house, struggle to find a partner, struggle at work perhaps an occasional moment of elation here and there? And what, then there's a lot of physical pain and we pop off? Is that it? Would it be worthwhile to live in all this suffering for 30 or 70 years? Or maybe if one is a politician, a lawyer or a businessman there's a lot of frantic activity, a do-gooder reformist or a cold-blooded scam artist.
Maybe there is something wrong with all this. Why do I look for a friend with whom I could go for trips on bikes? A partner who will possibly try to subjugate me to his or her desires, boss me around, will not be perceptive enough to turn off the light when it's not needed or not switch it on when it's not needed? Someone who very probably will have moods, will chatter endlessly, maybe lie and cheat? After all that all is pretty common when one is not interested in Unitary Perception. Why must I struggle with that too, get attached and so on? It's not to say I have to refrain from it or fight it, but is it an essential need of the body like food or sleep? Is it the genes, programmed for reproduction, so for closeness to others? Or is it for 'me'? Because 'I' fear being alone, I call it loneliness and so on. I think I am unable to just sit quietly doing nothing, I never even try. I always look for something, do something from working and shopping to drinking and cleaning, reading, watching movies and clips, listening to music and so on. Always busy. Are these the body's needs or 'mine'? Who am I then? Who is the one who needs all of those things? Vacation in Spain, the new car, the better house, being an MP, a president, a general, invade Russia or France, convert non believers as a priest?
The body needs some food a couple times a day, being clean, without pain, physical exercise, fresh air, some clothes, not being cold or too hot.
However maybe it is not all that life is about, maybe all this is just a shallow affair. Maybe we just know only what we know and therefore we cannot imagine there is something much greater to discover in life?

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The super-products of non-functional thought in the fragmentary perception are for example known as
'future' and 'fear'.

'Tomorrow' is 'fear' and both are super-products of non-functional thought in the fragmentary perception.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

An old man said, 'I'd like to die , death would finish the struggle. I've been struggling so much. Over a job, in my family, to buy a house, fix the car, there has always been problems, anxieties, health scares. And when I had a free moment I felt lonely and went to a pub with friends to drink or watched stupid TV shows or listened to music for hours on end. I haven't been able to just sit and enjoy living, not being occupied by this or that, working on improvement of my life.. I have never really lived, I have always been becoming, working for the future in which I would be happy. But it never materialized. I have never been able to find peace myself. And now I'm tired. I'm counting on death to bring peace.'

Being second-hand beings we count on others to fix our lives, to free us. God, the state, the politicians, the saviors to save us. I lack confidence so I turn to an external force to change my life. Thereby I only make a bigger mess out of my life. Pretending is easier than facing the dirty bathroom and cleaning it oneself. That's what most of us do.

One who hasn't died before death cannot be truly in peace.
An old man said, 'I'd like to die , death would finish the struggle. I've been struggling so much. Over a job, in my family, to buy a house, fix the car, there has always been problems, anxieties, health scares. And when I had a free moment I felt lonely and went to a pub with friends to drink or watched stupid TV shows or listened to music for hours on end. I haven't been able to just sit and enjoy living, not being occupied by this or that, working on improvement of my life.. I have never really lived, I have always been becoming, working for the future in which I would be happy. But it never materialized. I have never been able to find peace myself. And now I'm tired. I'm counting on death to bring peace.'

Being second-hand beings we count on others to fix our lives, to free us. God, the state, the politicians, the saviors to save us. I lack confidence so I turn to an external force to change my life. So maybe it does, according to their pattern or maybe they make even a bigger mess out of our lives. Going around and pretending is easier than facing the dirty bathroom and cleaning it oneself.
It is a broad river, it seems to gather in strength. Fads, music, politics, money, show business. Becoming. Bigger. More Successful. Better job. Cannot sit still. Thought says: you can do better. Better girlfriend, better position, better job. Don't just sit. Work! More effort, more occupation. Watch out, danger is round the corner, you have to prepare yourself. You can do better that them, at least do something, move or you'll lose everything! You have to improve, you have to go out there and play the game, compete. For the next rung on the ladder!
All you can do is to listen to it as you listen to the birds, to the traffic, to the tap, light switch clicks, doors is being shut. Also you feel the weight and see the grey sky, the blocks of flats. You perceive everything at the same time. Without any effort.
There is no future.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

If you think you're unhappy, you live in the fragmentary perception of thought, hypnotized to believe you are your name, nationality and bank account.

The center of your being is the thought. Everything in your life orbits it like the Sun supposedly orbited the Earth before Copernicus. And it is the growing anxiety, fear and agony too. It will be your best friend horizontally in time till the end. Don't they say: hope dies last?

Friday, 15 December 2017

Holokinetic psychology is a Copernican revolution in psychology.

Thought has been greatly overvalued, its properties and functions misunderstood.

In Unitary Perception we see that the thing around which everything revolves for an ordinary human being - his ego, is nothing more than a creation of thought.

The thinker is a super-product of thinking. Just like 'future', 'hope', etc.

What is revealed in Unitary Perception is that the I, the me, is nothing more than thought in concentration or hypnosis.

In Unitary Perception thought finds its proper place and can be functional at work. But when it is not needed it can be quiet.

Do you control thought or thought makes you crazy?
Is it possible to live in this world in unconditional peace? Being completely nothing. Not living in time. The body naturally has it's needs, clothes, food, etc. and they must be met. But aside the basic needs it would have to mean a certain natural discipline never to get attached to comfort. Also for a mind to not be troubled at all wouldn't it be necessary to not have any preferences at all? When I am in Harthof, I'm thinking of Trudering. When I'm in Munich, I think I would be in peace in San Francisco, Malibu in a house on the beach.. (Yeah, right..). When I have 100 thousand, I think I need 1 million, then I would be happy. But it's not true, because anxiety would be there with me. The core of anxiety is that there is death 'at the end' in time, death of the memory, the end of the 'me'. It doesn't matter if one has 10 houses and 10 million in the bank, the truth is that the body is fragile, there is one little heart that pumps the blood and if it stops, we pop off! So if one is sane at all, intelligence says don't be attached. Care for everything as well as you can but don't get attached. Do not touch the world, be indifferent to power, prestige and profit. The mind is restless, it's OK, one cannot do anything about it but one does not have to react to thoughts at all. One does not have to jump like a monkey in a circus. It's easy to just observe thoughts along with everything else which is happening, all the energy, the sound the vision, gravitation and let thoughts come and go, without any effort.
A man living in fragmentary perception, can only make more disorder on the earth. His 'reforms' intensify but only add to the turmoil. It has been tried for thousands of years to stop war, yet war continues. A brain hypnotized by thought means a brain in conflict, contradictory desires, fearful, angry, insensitive, a blind slave to memory, tradition and authority. It needs constant fixes: a drink, a TV show, politics, companionship, being part of a group, drugs, music. The mind gets dependent on those instant fixes and if it cannot find them, it means more fear, anger or worry, from which one has to escape even more, therefore always do something, never sit still for a moment to find out what is going on.
It is all easily revealed if one suspends language and tries listening without any effort to all what is happening, all energy including thoughts at the same time. What happens when nothing happens?
Cure starts with seeing that one is infected.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

One can believe in many different things. From the most 'noble' to most ridiculous. They beliefs and desires can contradict one another too. The Nazis believed strongly in being supermen riding on the tanks on Russian steppe. They got sobered up only by -40 degrees and hunger in the frost of Stalingrad.. They believed in their squads and their armies, and their nation, they felt strong, they felt elated because they were it, the big thing - it was their ego.
Boys not know what war is, they only know computer games which they play in a cozy room of mom and pop's place. They can be talked into many stupid things by clever or crazy politicians, lawyers or generals. They get ready for war and dream of being heroes but they don't know that war smells of dead corpses, fear and dirt. There are no heroes in the trenches.
How can one prepare for war running with rifles in forests in times of nuclear bombs? One must clearly be hypnotized, spellbound by ideas, beliefs, pride or anger served by the politicians. One must believe one is Japanese, Polish, Russian or American, Christian, Buddhist, Protestant or Muslim. In the fragmentary perception of thought.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

There is a little wooden street sanctuary at the side of the street. A note says a girl died there in a car accident with her boyfriend a few years ago. There are a burned out candles and a poem. Her parents and friends must still visit the place from time to time.
What would they do if they were given another chance? Would they live in the corrupted world like most of us, always struggling, in disorder and haste for a future gratification, becoming this or that, better job, higher position, more achievement?
Can perception be without time, without memory? Time and memory are super-products of thought, they seem to have a hypnotic like power to draw one in the perturbations of the corrupted society, which is not a sensible way of living at all. Does living in stress make any sense given how fragile life is?
The modern psychology states that neurosis is preparation for the future.
There is only one perception, a way of looking and listening which allows for constant freedom from time and memory, a perception which is not entangled in desire. We call it Unitary Perception. UP is effortless, timeless perception which is not directed towards any object. It is the Second Awakening, from the hypnosis of the fragmentary perception, from the nightmare in which most people live everyday.
There is NO TIME (to wait for a better time). The only time is now, whatever is happening. And it is always now.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Is it possible to get something in this world without its consequences? There's no possession without responsibilities for it. When one goes north, one is further away from south. Every plus has a minus. There is no achievement without disappointment.
It's hardly possible to not get entangled in struggle, conflict and strife. If one is not highly vigilant, one can find himself holding dear a hot piece of coal and being unable to drop it!
Unitary Perception is the only way of living in this world without getting entangled, without conflict and strife.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Everything that you have gathered in life, everything you're attached to, you will give up. Including all memories.

Most people suffer and struggle with it immensely.

For few it is easy not to get attached (which does not mean avoiding ones responsibilities).

Friday, 8 December 2017

Thought is and will be wandering. That which tries to put an end to the wandering is also thought.
What is crucial is if thought is in fragmentary perception (occupation, hypnosis, 'concentration') or Unitary Perception (perception not directed towards any object).
In Unitary Perception there is no problem with thought, it's just perceived without effort with all sound and all energy in the brain.
A lot of people seem to live their lives waiting for peace in the future. When someone dies they say an immortal soul lives the body and goes to heaven.
They cling to the belief as if it was the most important thing. Some die for it blowing themselves up in town markets. Why wait? Better get 'there' straight away.
Obviously the idea has more advertising potential than dry cleaning.
Is it not a factor of insanity to live all your life in shadow of a belief in something for which there is absolutely no evidence?

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

'I just always kept thinking I had more time'.

That illusion, time (planning for 20 years ahead) is interesting. We put off living till later.

Is it not the root of fear? Fear of living too, spontaneously. Desires are contradictory and conflicting so cannot be a driving force if there is to be sanity.

Can desire end and living be day to day?

To reach an ideal in time, the belief in ideal is an illusion too.

Time, belief, ideal, fear, desire are products of thought in the fragmentary perception.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

We don't have 20 years for which we plan for really given. We maybe have 5, 3 years. Maybe only THIS DAY.

Freedom is not in concentration, occupation, drive, ambition. These things are meaningless in the true perspective.

So what is most important? What is most important must be complete peace, which means being completely nothing. Because we DO NOT HAVE the future. Freedom is in Unitary Perception.

It also means no illusions, that there is a reason for this or that happening, that somebody can save us, that somebody knows something, that there is truth on TV or in the Hollywood films and if we do as the actors we will be successful or happy. On the contrary, the movies get more and more stupid. The heroes perform more and more impossible stunts and everything what they do works out. This doesn't happen in real life. In real life one welcomes what happens with equanimity, doesn't matter if it's a loss or a win, what is most important if it's worth to play.

Nothing to hold on to and we try our best.

Monday, 27 November 2017

He had been already telling the cleaning lady in the previous job that it's not sensible to worry at all when she fell seriously ill.
That was before he made more money than he really needed.

Now he was thinking about a quiet house at the beach or with green plants outside the window..

When the king wanted to appoint a wise man as his adviser, the man said: I happen to have a deep-seated and worrisome illness which I am just now trying to put in order. So I have no time to put the empire in order.

He who knows how to respect life, though he may be rich and honored, will not allow the means of nourishing life to injure him. Though he may be poor and humble, he will not allow concerns of profit to entangle his body. The men of the present age, if they occupy high office and are honored with titles, all think only of how serious a matter it would be to lose them. Eyes fixed on profit, they make light of the risk to their lives. Are they not deluded indeed?

When Huang-Po was offered a position in the Prince's court he said: Thanks but I prefer to wallow in the mud like that carefree turtle there!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

For a person to help himself the absolute necessity is she must understand the only true help is to help oneself. There is no one to save me. No amount of reassurance is going to bring confidence in anyone. If I understand that no one can help me if I don't help myself, I will not look outside for help. One has to experiment oneself and know for oneself. That means not being a second-hand human being, not depending on something or someone else.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Tibetan lamas and Muslim imams still teach that the Earth is flat. The etymology of the word Muslim is 'slave'. Children in Christian countries are taught of the ascension of Virgin Holy Mary but there is not a subject of what thought is in the school programs. The organized 'religions' purport existence of things for which there is no proof whatsoever.
Politics and social activism have been tried for thousands of years. They haven't changed the man either. They mean just more of the same, which is what the word conservatism means.
The society is obviously a product of the fragmentary perception of thought. It is conflicting and contradictory. Let's take the freedom of movement for consideration. It is based on nationality, which is basically a record which does not matter. What matters on the other hand is if a person is sane or he is a believer in superstitions, addicted to substances or ideologies, violent and therefore dangerous to other people. On what other ground should a group of people restrict someone's movement?

There's someone at every corner of the street ready to tell you what to do.
Don't be a second-hand human being. Find out for yourself.
UP is the only real change. It is the true psychotherapy and the forgotten essence of religion.
Why do you want to be entangled in so many things like in a spider's web? Do not get entangled.
Get free.
Go slow.
Not stressed, in a heart beat, in a heart attack. You can't do everything at once, haste makes waste.
The writing on the tombs are for the living, rest in peace..
Eyes don't see the world is divided in any way. There is a fence but a state border cannot be seen. It is imaginary.
It is thought in fragmentary perception imagining there is a border.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Even if something looks nice on the surface, if it doesn't have roots in fact, if it's not true to the bone, it will sooner or later rot, stink and fall apart. There is no good home on moving sands.
Fragmentary perception of thought is OK until it's OK.
Why would a sane person rely solely on what someone or some book says on the matter of morality and what is right living?

Do I have to look around for someone to tell me what to do or what not to do? There is a 'specialist' waiting at every corner of the street..

Or is it enough to stop abusing one's intelligence?

Know for yourself.
What does it mean to ask a question?
If one does it at all seriously, to really find out, one has to suspend all opinions. Surely the question cannot be used as a lead to an already formed conclusion in memory. There cannot be any limits to the exploration, one has to go from fact to fact and examine afresh, never from opinions, vested interests or sympathies.
It all naturally requires patience, honesty and humility, which may have a lot to do with doubt. So doubt if there is no proof, question, examine, never believe anything just because someone said it.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

I have gathered a notebook-thick bundle of cardboard tea packages in just a couple of months.. How much of say.. paper can be wasted at the scale of the whole planet?

Thursday, 9 November 2017

When you live on the Earth and you know nothing about science it seems natural to think that the Sun revolves around the Earth. But science proved it's the other way round. It took several hundreds of years to take root but it's now generally accepted knowledge. Technically in fact, what is going on is that the Earth, Sun and all the planets are orbiting around the center of mass of the solar system.
In a similar way, it's natural to think there is an unchanging self which is the centre of one's being. But modern psychology says there is no such thing. The self, the me, something which feels so close is just a superproduct of thought. There is no thinker, only thought.
It is a hard pill to swallow, for it is 'me' after all. So this knowledge may take a long time to take root in the society. But it is so, this is a fact.
Say you want to listen to your favorite song, one of the many you have, you listen to it once, another one and another one.. it's not so pleasurable anymore, right? You got tired of it, so you wanted more and more, like a drug. After all what do they say about smoking? That it goes well with drinking, etc.. But wait.. was the really so pleasurable the first time? Maybe the first few beats, the start of the melody, the first refrain? Or maybe.. it was only in thought, emotions stirred up by the music? Maybe the sounds are just sounds in fact? What if the best thing to do was not to play the song at all? Conserve the energy. Energy that we waste all day on this or that. Maybe that would actually lead to something that would turn out to be most joyful? DO NOT WASTE ENERGY, that is the true meaning of the words religion (religare), yoga, zen, dhjana. Be a passer-by.

Monday, 6 November 2017

One reaction to the Sutherland Springs shooting:

'I think Pres. XXXXX will have to decree that all Am-ans must be armed when they leave home.
More guns is the answer to more shootings.
Since Wisconsin just passed a law that there is absolutely no minimum age limit on who can hunt with guns, it follows that there will be no minimum age limit on who must be armed when they leave home.

Of course, the politicians will soon be on TV saying that now is not the time to discuss gun laws.

Edit: the Texas attorney general has just announced that these shootings would stop if more people carried concealed weapons.'

First of all of course it's a standard example of the chaos and contradiction produced by the fragmentary perception and confirmation that clinical retards occupy many highest positions in the society.


A very simple mechanism: If I carry a gun, you feel threatened. So you get a gun too.

Now we're all feeling threatened.

And if we are, someone will snap sooner or later and start firing because he's angry or scared or maybe not just mentally imbalanced (fragmentary perception) but clinically mentally ill.


Perhaps by pointing out that black is black, 2+2=4 and idiocy is idiocy there can be some most basic learning?
It is simple and completely obvious:
MORE guns, landmines, bombs, rockets, poison gas = MORE killing.
What can this obvious abuse of intelligence and refusal to see a basic fact be attributed to if not hypnosis by thought in fragmentary perception?

Thursday, 26 October 2017

People believe in gods and organized churches because of the fear of the end of the 'me', which is a super-product of thought. The 'me' wants to continue in time (which is also a super-product of thought).
Society based on belief and not on science is a chaotic monstrosity where violence, hypocrisy and contradiction rule. Just look around with fresh eyes.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Religion is not based on faith, following somebody and certainly not on becoming a slave to a group or an idea.
The root of the word religare means to gather energy. Religion means to live intelligently. NOT in the afterlife or some other imaginary time or place to which I will get after a lot of struggle and suffering in the name of this or that.
So on the contrary, there is place for doubt in religion. That means not following any one, any authority and rather testing everything in one's life.

If the Universe is a result of pure chance, it's doesn't make a tiny bit less miraculous the fact that there is Something rather than nothing at all. It is amazing and it's essential not to lose the amazement, the surprise, not if I have a lot of knowledge in physics or some other discipline. The important question is if I am out of neurosis, our of the turmoil created by those running around in hypnosis. if I have a chance. The only way to do this is Unitary Perception.
People a long time ago didn't know that the earth was revolving around the sun, yet there is some evidence that some of them at least identified what the origin of disorder was psychologically. They found out and understood what is most important.
Because otherwise, technology will work against us, destroy us rather than help to live more comfortably.
No amount of guns will ever save you from a nuclear bomb. More guns means just fear every day going to a grocery store.

It is clearly a factor of disorder if I believe what some one said or wrote, perhaps some one with authority, accepting it without questioning. I don't check it out if it's true perhaps because I want it to be true, because it feels good.
Furthermore, it is not enough to see for oneself what the fact is, it is also necessary not to deny it when there is public pressure. It means not abusing ones intelligence in a group. It means standing alone.

One who is in turmoil psychologically, in anxiety, is perhaps more likely to want some order to be put from outside, by authority which will calm him, be it organized church, a party leader or a tyrant. To that he can subject himself and so swipe the problems under the rug. But they are there, unattended. Thus he becomes a slave. He will be told to do. And that's how an authoritarian society is formed.

When the wind of the rat race is swishing by I remember when I broke my tooth once in the office cause I was in a hurry.
It wasn't worth it.

It is a lie we can defend ourselves with some defensive shields in case of a nuclear attack. The scientists clearly say that it's not possible. They say this clearly because offensive power is simply far greater than any potential for defense in a nuclear conflict.
Costly investments in more rockets does not make the slightest sense. The only solution is that there is no war. Because the next world war, if there is one will be nuclear.
Only in Unitary Perception one can observe ones anxiety, anger and fear, without reaction and release. Otherwise my anxiety in fragmentary perception of thought is contributing to the conflict in the world.

In Awe.
In physics there is this a number of various important constants, for example the amount of dark energy in the Universe, 10 to the power of -123. They say the number couldn't be any smaller or bigger, otherwise galaxies had not formed. Why is it that this constant is precisely tuned to this value in our Universe? The answer that theoretical physics gives is that there is a multiverse with infinite number of Universes and each has it's own set of rules with the constants being different in each of them.. So by chance in our Universe the constants are just right.. It's just our world that happens to be right from INFINITE number of other universes.
Irrespective if it is true or not, it looks like we are INFINITELY lucky to be alive..