Sunday, 30 April 2017

He was sitting on the floor of his small room and trying Unitary Perception.

And he found peace.

There was no recollection, no longing, no fear and no perturbation which is created by the fragmentary perception of thought.

It was the true freedom and one can be in it all life.
Not: 'I am the Universe', which is an illusion projected by thought. I cannot say that when I'm afraid, sad, angry, when I am perturbed by thought as 'I', when I'm in chaos.

You may identify yourself with the Universe or God, nation, Stalin, Hitler. But it's still the good old me operating. Only words. And the word is not It.

When the fact is, there is only Universe.


Universe is complete order.
Inability, unwillingness, to try to stay completely with what is is the source of conflict and suffering.

From this arises the urge to escape, to act, become, work more.

And then to escape from the work when it becomes too exhausting, frightening, overwhelming. I work too much and it's too stressful so I go to a pub in the evening to get wasted, drink, smoke, laugh and talk incessantly, cause my life is in chaos, it's hard to bear anymore.

Or maybe I identify with the poor or with some party or with my nation and believe that it's 'their' fault - those behind the border who steal from 'us', who want to attack 'us'. And it's still another escape.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The best way of coping with anger may be learning that the end is here. This learning is Unitary Perception.

Time is not. This can be actually perceived.

There is no psychological evolution (towards something greater or better).

Thought can project the illusion that the end is far away but in fact there is nothing that can even continue, so pass from 'one moment' to 'the next moment' It's just two memories being compared in thought.

Why are people so afraid of some thoughts, they can't stand them to the point of getting drunk or committing suicide.

The way to live with thoughts, whatever they might be, is not to escape them but to listen to them together with all sound.

Thoughts can only make one crazy when one tries to escape them (which isn't even possible),

There are no scary thoughts.

Moreover, thoughts are never actual, they always concern the past or the future, never what is.

One cannot think about what is just happening. The perception of what is, which is called Unitary Perception, is too big for thought to enter.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The next world war will be the last.

The last mistake like on the movie On the Beach.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

It is essential to be completely free of desire.

Desire, which is part of M.E.T.A. process of thought and emotion, produces self-deception and disorder.

Can all desire dissolve in Unitary Perception?

Not to want anything at all is true freedom.

Monday, 17 April 2017


One sees something true.

He doesn't contradict intelligence.

And sticks to the truth.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Can you be completely alone, silent and not looking for anything? Perceiving fear, sorrow or anger, thoughts, images from distant cities, moving and letting them go, not touching them. At the same time perceiving the sounds and everything else which appears in the brain. No reaction. No occupation. Just perception not directed towards any object.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

It's incredible there is no clear sensible modern psychology. Not even some exploration what thought is. Only belief and blind following of tradition.

What people occupy themselves instead is for example jumping at their throats over what is better:


Muslim fundamentalism?

Catholic fundamentalism/national sozialismus?

Well, there can be a few points to argue one way or another.

But it's cheap entertainment..
To be neither Russian, English, American or Chinese.  Not get caught on any belief or any dogma. Move with what is - with fact.  Be capable of thinking very clearly. And to take good care of the physical body. Otherwise one does not function in harmony.
The TV and newspaper, media news are prepared so they incite emotions, fear, anger.

If one wants to give himself a chance for peace, one has to suspend watching them repeatedly during the day.

The same perhaps should be done with entertainment, music, checking email, telephone conversations..

I'm sorry..?

No, I'm not.
Suspend non-functional language

and listen to all sound.

What happens when nothing happens?

Friday, 7 April 2017

I agree most of it is functional.

But life nowadays may not be so simple..

1) What if functional thinking (e.g. a yet unfinished computer program) recurs and recurs (even as a dream in sleep!) when the programmer left his office hours ago? Is it still functional? 

Where is the limit? 8 hours? When and how do we set it?

2) Can nonfunctional happen easier when functional is present? Is non-functional thinking much easier to 'slip in between', get interwoven functional occupation? 'Where the hell is a mistake in this piece of code? The deadline is on Friday and I still can't solve the problem' (fear) I'm a useless piece of crap When will they find out?

3) Is: 'Damn, I have to ask the boss if I can get a breather cause I'm dying for a smoke' functional?

4) Is my wife angry at me? Why does she say she is not angry when she's behaving angry? What did I do? - Functional or not functional?

5) 'If I don't finish the program by Friday the tickets to Egypt will be wasted and Eve will be very angry and sad.. I have to take the debugger from Mark when he returns to the office and install it on the laptop at home. I need the source code of Mark's object and the installation key from the secretary. But she went to lunch, I have to make sure I catch her before she goes home..'

You see, the simpler the life, the calmer probably, eh? Do not avoid the void. Do not go for cheap entertainment, C will swallow you like a black hole. Do not go for self-deception, do not keep re-inventing illusions. Please, stay in the beginning, in the end of time. A space of no violence, no effort and no perturbation.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

If human psychology is insane. Everything which is created by it is insane. That means the jobs, the nations, the defense systems of the nations, the so called schools, the misuse of environment, the family, so called health systems. Everything that thought has created in the social sphere.

The best scientists created the atom bomb as puppets of politicians.
Seeing the disorder (of its own making), thought seeks to identify itself with something greater.

It says: 'I am everything'.

I believe I'm something greater and I feel better.

But it's still thought in fragmentary perception.

Can the infinite be experienced by thought?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

When you are nothing, and in fact you are, what happens is not something that can perturb you.

What happens appears on the canvas of nothing like clouds on the sky.

There is no thinker-experiencer to hold on to it or become attached to it and therefore be perturbed.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

I am not in the body.

I am not connected to this or that nation.

I am not my title.

I am not my family.

I am not my profession.

But I take responsibility for my actions.