Monday, 31 July 2017

The school does not carry out its mandate. The students are taught differential calculus but not about thought, fragmentary perception and Unitary Perception.
That is one of the reasons why children and people are so susceptible to propaganda of advertising or political.
If they get swindled by one political party they turn to another one, which exploits them equally or worse.
If they are fed up with one amusement, they exchange it for another.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

One living in the fragmentary perception, hoaxed into the belief that he is the 'me' inside the body lives in conflict and contradiction which is dissipation of energy.  Whatever name  we could give to the state of neurosis and alienation from the Universe, surely it cannot be sanity?

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

It has been said that it's harder to crack an atom than human prejudice.
Also that the first impression is most important.

It's interesting to observe how persistent and difficult to change a once formed opinion or habit can be.

In fragmentary perception, once a judgement is made and memory is formed, learning ends.

The reality can change but the old memory stays and it remains the basis of our actions.

We all have been programmed from a very young age by the society, the family, the church, the school to believe I am a Russian, a Spaniard or an Englishman, a catholic or a Muslim. And the memory stays as the basis of our action.

An outward change based on false assumptions, for example political, can only multiply problems and strengthen conflicts and ultimately lead to a revolution or a war of one group against another.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that perception is constant and encompassing everything that is happening.

In the Unitary Perception all perceptible is perceived without effort or motive and it is not connected with memory.

Monday, 24 July 2017

How does self-illusion happen?

We can experience, if we are attentive, how thought process functions all by itself when we fall asleep or in dreaming. The chain of thoughts happens all by itself in total hypnosis (there is no perception of anything else, only the products of thought process).

During the day in the fragmentary perception, something interesting happens with the thought process. There appears a part of thought which imagines itself as divided from and the controller (experiencer, owner, thinker) of all the other thoughts. It happens very fast and is very persistent in fragmentary perception. It is the constantly interwoven memory of 'I am this', 'that happened to me', 'I am going to do that tomorrow', etc. This self-story apparently (through horizontally arranged memories) moves in time (from 'the past' to 'the future').

To see that the division into thinker and thought is an illusion and not a fact, all thoughts have to be perceived, with all sound and all what is perceivable at the same time. Without choice, motive or effort.

In this all-encompassing observation, the absence of division is directly perceived.

What sees is all there is.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

To be content of something means that one is dependent on it. In that there is anxiety because it can be lost so I latch myself on it and fear even more, cause one day I am going to lose it.

To be content without anything special and not even looking for it is true contentment.

This true contentment is not achieved because achievement is always connected with an object.

It doesn't mean that one doesn't use some object, it means that one understands that he cannot attach himself to it.

'If I had the money I'd buy that house' But I don't. So what's the problem? The problem is only if I compare myself with some one and think: 'How unlucky I am', or 'How much injustice is there..'

There is no justice, period. It is an idea. Therefore, why are you bothered by something that does not exist?
One doesn't need to be a slave to any organized religion or exploited by any system of control to have a disciplined life, in a sense of not being perturbed by various attachments and overindulgences leading to dissipation of energy. An anxious mind, entangled in attachments desires and fears will tend to oscillate between self-indulgence and a discipline through control, which is violence.

But there is a different kind of discipline which stems from understanding what is happening and intelligence, it comes very naturally in UP.
The most important thing in the World is not better technology or better healthcare, though they are important.

The most important thing is for men to understand modern psychology, Holokinetic psychology.

Without that, mere better technology turned into invention of atom bomb and medicine can turn into whatever Dr Mengele believed in.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Depression is an interesting subject. I remember I felt a strange kind of sorrow in the winter. I woke up one morning and said to myself: 'Well it's better that you try your best this minute now, do your best cause otherwise you will lie in bed for two hours and what? It will only make it worse. So there's no choice, no help. One either helps himself or one will lie in bed or drink alcohol or whatever'.
But more importantly was why was I sad? I figured it out. It was because I wanted something. I wasn't hungry, I wasn't cold. I wanted 'more'. Happiness? A flowery romance? A soulmate which would understand my 'sensitivity', some one to tell about a romantic song in which I had fallen in love in a supermarket?  Anyway, I felt like I wanted something. That is why unmistakably I felt the sorrow. Is that the quintessence of depression? Not to have something one thinks one 'should' have or one is entitled to or all the people I see in the supermarket have but me? It seems so to me. 

OK, so if wanting something (anything) is the cause of sorrow than what is the antidote?

An easy guess..

But please pause for a moment and see the fact that wanting to stop wanting is.. right wanting. So any volitional act is obviously not a solution.

The only solution is called Unitary Perception, effortless and motiveless perception which is not directed towards any object and which encompasses thought.

Monday, 17 July 2017

There is no qualitative difference between indulging in sentimental memories and being occupied with the thoughts which cause anxiety, fear or anger. Both kinds are simply non-functional thinking and dispersion of energy in fragmentary perception.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

We live in the past, in thought because we do not meet life fully.

To meet life fully means Unitary Perception, effortless and motiveless perception of everything perceptible in which the illusion of the observer disappears.

If one does really try UP, one finds out how immensely hypnotizing thought is.

We do not meet life so we live in the prison of thought.
Non-functional thinking can foster pleasure but also fear, anxiety and sorrow. So fragmentary perception is OK only until it's OK.

A beautiful theme song in a movie can lead to pleasurable reminiscences which quickly turn into sentimental sorrow.

It can be tested that when there is no thought about something, there is no problem relating to that something.

When there is no thought, there is no perturbation at all.

It is a fact and a contingency of trying Unitary Perception.

But this event cannot be described or understood in fragmentary perception of thought.
One desires, feels anxious and is perturbed because he does not perceive all in Unitary Perception.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

We have been made to believe through conditioning that nationalism is good. Yet experience should teach us that nationalism is deadly. All the evidence is there.

Experience teaches me to strengthen my family in opposition to society and to strengthen my tribe in opposition to other tribes. This brings about division and struggle, which makes it even more important to protectively strengthen my family, and so the vicious circle continues.

The organized religious experience has also separated man from man.
It merely conditions us according to our particular tradition, inclination, tendency and desire, and therefore encourages every form of illusion and isolation.

In all the so-called religious experiences a cognitive process of recognition is inherent. You can only recognize something you have known before, therefore it is of the past.
An acceptance that something exists or is true without proof.

Looking at something in freedom so that you can understand it.

Which is yours?

It was proven beyond doubt that the Earth is round, that's a fact.
Yet, there are still people who believe the Earth is flat. Yes, they do.. They believe that NASA are lying to us.

They hold this opinion because obviously they do not look at the facts. Perhaps their family taught it to them or maybe they live in a society or 'religion' which prevent learning.

People believe in all sort of things for which there is no proof whatsoever. Justice? Has anyone seen it really in this world? Nationality? Isn't nationality simply a memory, a programming since childhood to repeat like a machine 'I am German' or I'm Russian'.

Has it ever been proven that the Devil exists? Why then the idea triggers a recollection of a furry goat-like black vicious looking personification of evil (or some other image, according to the past conditioning) and many tremble at the thought that His Majesty* is lurking somewhere to steal what they have most precious (which is in fact another belief called 'soul')?

To that some of them say: 'But it has not been proven that the Devil does NOT exist either!' Ha, we got you buster.

Well, no.

To use the famous argument, it would be equally impossible to disprove that there is an evil teapot orbiting Mars, which has various horrific plans for folks from the good ol' Earth who misbehave.. But how ridiculous it sounds? It is ridiculous because people had not been programmed by the society since childhood to believe the story. If they had, they would perhaps tremble at the thought of it as well.

What follows, you can figure out yourself, one is perfectly capable of finding out what is and what is not true among those multitude of things we are fed to every day. Nobody has to tell us what is black and what's white.
No one is trying to scare anyone, we are just looking at the facts together. But if one lives fully with facts, with what is, how can there be fear? It all what is, and fear does not enter HERE.

In Unitary Perception it is not that easy to abuse intelligence.

No, 2+2 is not 3 or 5. It is 4.

* For conspiracy hunters: the royal title was used here ironically. So please, spare the messenger burning at the stake for worshiping Satan, if you can.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Unitary Perception cannot ever be in the future as there isn't anything in the future because the future is an invention of thought.
Religion is not belief.

The origin of the word is 'religare', which means not to disperse energy so that one is able to transcend the fragmentary perception of thought.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Why would 'they' attack 'us'?What do 'we' have that is worth taking? The national debt? The supermarkets?

Are 'they' so mad that they would risk being wiped out with the whole Earth in an atomic war?

Why do we need more rockets and howitzers for billions which could have been used for health care? Will more rockets save us from evaporating in a split second when nuclear bombs starts exploding?

Is it not when our neighbour gets himself a rifle and a gun and spits insults at us when we become nervous and start to think he may actually invade your home at night?

This way the next arms race begins.

You don't know what goes on behind the fence on the other side, so you begin to imagine, you start to be are afraid. But if you went there and see, it would turn out they are just like you, have similar fears, similar sorrows and similar pleasures.

'The enemies' are invention of thought in the fragmentary perception.
The only revolution is in awakening intelligence.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The very basic safety which every one needs to be able to go to school, the office and walk in the park is not to be mistaken for the yoke of bondage which authoritarian militant state always leads to.
Thoughs come and go unobstructed, don't touch anything.
What can be bothered when the I is also thought.
The Universe - it is the actual Unitary Perception.

'I am in the body, X, Y, a German, Russian, Argentinian, Muslim, Catholic' - is a delusion, a hypnosis by thought in fragmentary perception.