Thursday, 30 March 2017

Unless one is out of the fragmentary perception of thought, it would perhaps be better if one was a dog. A dog does not suffer today because he was badly bitten a year ago. He is not living in time.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I cannot see I'm the 'ground' (whatever the people saying this mean by that). It seems like a nice comforting idea.

OK, I think I'm the ground, does it mean that I live without tomorrow? Am free of fear? Am I not violent?
The fact is I am thought. 'I' m a bundle of memories, a program like in a computer, self-repeating pathway of signal between the neurons. My hurts, my achievements, my nationality, my this, my that. The same pathway of neuronal connections firing over and over again, even when I'm dreaming when I sleep. So there is no new reaction. Every automatic reaction will always be in the old pathway, which has been formed since childhood, parents, school, the church, TV, work..

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Why do I need to listen to the professors on TV when I haven't yet heard from them the simple fact we cannot do anything with more and more soldiers, guns, rifles, tanks, fighter planes against an atom bomb?

Building an empire behind an imaginary wall may not be a wise thing if we can evaporate in a split second when someone's finger slips somewhere.

You THINK you have a lot of 'time', the whole 'life' ahead.. but it can end even while you're in sleep.

Do you really believe the anti-rocket shield will protect you? Than you may be the last who will find out it does not.

Eternity is not in time, it is out of time.
Is it possible to live in this world without any psychological perturbation whatsoever? That involves ending non-functional language and ending the superproduct of thought called time. It cannot be though any effort because any volition means we're back in the illusion of time.

The only way out is perception not directed towards any object. No effort is necessary.
Freedom from neurosis means that one cannot depend on anyone psychologically. There is no reason why without a function one should be drawn in the affairs of people in fragmentary perception. No regret, no obedience, no blind respect for authority, no endless discussions (concussions), no gossip.

Ending of time.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

I have only one hour to live.

Is it intelligent to burn in hell in this last hour?

Monday, 20 March 2017

The outcome of division and armament is not security.

It is fear and insecurity.

In other words it is division and armament (leading to war) that primarily breed insecurity and fear.

Not the other way round.

It is not even a paradox, it is clearly visible for one who listens and looks.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Does nothing ask if it's happy?
OK. I understand. The politicians, who are really an extrapolation of the people who chose them, make a terrible mess. There is the nutters in charge of the deadly submarines and nuclear arsenal.

And they order more B2 bombers, which cost 2 billion each.

Other nutters are cutting ppl throats somewhere or run over people because they don't believe in a 100 virgins in some future heaven or something else.

There is rubbish and lies about psychology reiterated ad nauseam at conferences, established scientific channels. Transcendental meditation claiming it has nothing to do with concentration and hypnosis. An army of people who claim that we should 'meditate' 20 minutes a day concentrating on our breadth.

One has to listen to lies at work and do many unreasonable things only because it's a hierarchical system and one has to obey or hit the bricks.

There's TV on 12/7 at home. And incessant gossip.

There are people on TV claim we should make more children because otherwise who will work on our pensions while our savings somehow evaporated (governments are good with that).

Or maybe raise the taxes to fund the national guards which will protect us from the evil (Which is always 'outside' of us). Yeah, that is what we need and maybe will get. Until the next crush of the economy.

Because how much can they live on borrowed money? And by jove who is still lending them? I sure wouldn't if I could..

The cars are suffocating us on the streets. There is not enough room for every one. Not enough apartments and houses.

I understand.

But why should I be perturbed by all that?

Should I suffer when I'm not yet in physical pain?

This is the only moment I have.

This hour.

In spite of anything what happens, there's still this. The birds are flying outside the window.

There is a persistent misconception that happiness can be arrived at in time by getting this or that. But happiness really is not because of something. It cannot be because all things change so if we depend on something to derive happiness from it would also mean unhappiness. Pleasure means fear.

No object can truly alleviate the sense of suffering created by thought in fragmentary perception. Doesn't desire of anything in this world, which really is thought in fragmentary perception, means we make up time in which we burn?

Say we derive pleasure from earning a lot of money, then we fear of losing it and wake up at night troubled by what the central bank, politicians and all the people who we depend on do.

You think a silent house by the sea and a lot of money would make you happy? Would you feel happy there sitting on the porch looking at the sea and listening to the waves? Would you do that all day and it would it really make you happy? An island of peace among the turbulent world. Nice thought.. I'm not saying yes or no, but I question that. This is an ideal. For starters you simply don't have such a house and probably never will. Does that mean that you cannot be happy, content, free of suffering until (if) you get such a house in time?

OK, how about a lot of sex with a beautiful woman (women)? Nah.. that is a moment and one is exhausted and really a bit depressed. Surely we cannot make happiness dependent on sex. There have been people who had a lot of it but it didn't make them really happy.

A talk with a beautiful woman? About what? Fashion? Weather? Seeing her beauty? Why would she be with you when she would rather be with her friends, drinking, smoking cigarettes and dancing in a night club? Also she probably thinks she has to have a child and family to be happy.

 Oh, I see.. so she has to be beautiful and intelligent. Pretty much another ideal to get in time.

All those things done in fragmentary perception mean dispersion of energy in division between 'me and that', the perceiver and the perceived-possessed object. There is an inherent unsatisfactoriness in the division.

Do we even have time to get those illusive ideals made up by thought? Even if it was possible at all to get them?

Do we really have tomorrow in which we can work, strive towards the goals which will ultimately make us happy?

Or the only time we can be happy is here and now, fully? And the other is a dream, an illusion?

Thursday, 16 March 2017

No thought is frightening in itself. Thought can appear to be frightening or sad only if one tries to escape it, which means it is not perceived along everything perceivable, without effort.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How far do we have to go to be here?

The attempt at UP is not about 'getting here' but being here, at the same time perceiving thought wandering.

Monday, 13 March 2017

How does a person who has just been saved from a serious injury feel? Or a person who by the scruff of his neck missed being caught and sentenced to death?
They feel elation, a sudden rush of energy to observe.
Why are we not in that state every day?
Why could we not be? What robs us of the enjoyment of living?
We don't appreciate what we have, be it a lot or little.
The computer with the keyboard that is not working too well, it would have been the fastest one on earth 20 years ago. The food, whatever it is, would taste much better if we haven't eaten for a couple of days.
Most probably we don't need more, we need to see, hear and taste what we do have.

Friday, 10 March 2017

There is a small part of the brain - amygdala, which lights up every time the brain is informed there is 'something wrong'. It may be the politicians on tv quarreling or the noise of the street waking us up in the middle of night. Every time stress hormones are released which prepare the body to fight the danger or flight from it. If the signal is temporary, it's not so bad, it's a stress response mechanism that was intended from nature. The problem starts when the mechanism becomes chronic, then we have chronic stress. For example if we watch the politicians quarreling and threatening one another every day for a long time, the amygdala is active all the time telling 'there is something wrong', get ready to 'fight or flight'. Obviously this chronic stress mechanism wears down the brain and the body and in long term causes various health problems.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

There are people with intelligence deficiency appointed to many important posts in the human society. This appalling state of the society is possible because what is valued in hierarchical systems is obedience and readiness to follow orders without questioning rather than observation and intelligence.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Life is a miracle. If the Earth was on a closer orbit to the Sun or on an orbit further from the Sun, it would be too hot or too cold for life to form. How lucky is it that among billions of galaxies here we are?

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The past no longer is, the present already passed and the future is yet not. What is then time but thought?
From a film review:
'And it's this idolization and elevation of a brutal killer that is Hitman's ugliest dividend—even more so than its thickly spread sexuality, nudity and obscenity. For some reason America keeps lapping up entertainment featuring antiheroes who do whatever it takes to reach their goals, then face no consequence for their inhumane actions.
It's a disquieting trend. Hollywood screenwriters, actors and directors may not think they're lionizing killers. (Why would they want to?) But that's essentially what they're doing. And all too often we end up reaping what they sow.'