Tuesday, 28 February 2017

An atom only appears in a particular place if you measure it.
In other words an atom is everywhere until an act of observation happens.
The act of perception creates the Universe.

If it were necessary to give all parts of the world a completely quantum-mechanical description, a person trying to apply quantum theory to the process of observation would be faced with an insoluble paradox. This would be so because he would then have to regard himself as something connected inseparably with the rest of the world.

What sees is all there is.

- Why did the scientists manage to build a nuclear energy plant and the priests did not?

- Because the Sun is not made of cheese.

Monday, 27 February 2017

It is not sensible to be perturbed, to suffer psychologically, because it has a detrimental affect on physical life and is in fact imaginary.
It means that self-pity, sorrow, desire, fear, regret, hope, pleasure are all connected with being hypnotized by non-functional thought. Non-functional thought makes up a multitude of illusory superproducts, like time (past and future).
This false perception can be called the fragmentary perception of thought.
It is the most important thing to free oneself from living in the prison of this perception.
Two cowboys camp in the open air. Will it be easier to steal their horses if they listen or if they talk, play on the banjo and dream about going to the saloon when they get back to town?

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

It is important to realize no effort is necessary in Unitary Perception. For starters, listening to all sound in the brain happens by itself if we realize we were not doing it.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

In dialogue listening is more important than expression. There is no dialogue without listening (to everything what is happening). A dialogue must be started in silence and must be permeated with listening.

Another necessity in dialogue is looking at the facts without escaping or reacting.

Otherwise attempting dialogue inevitably turns into conflict.
Would you like to have a special pill which would enable you to forget all the history with it's problems, disappointments,  hopes, all the turmoil and enable you to live completely here and now? Then one is able to respond intelligently to whatever is happening (which is always here and now) without all the burden of the memory.

Unitary Perception is like the special pill. It's not a technique, it's a function of the brain, a way of living.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The solution is not in politics. A politician can give you 5 dollars and take it from someone else. But it won't solve any problem and it won't make you happy. Nothing is worth as much as Nothing in this world.
An adept of freedom must live in aloneness among people. He can be close to them yet untouched. They live in turmoil, constantly perturbed. They talk incessantly, listen to music and watch tv in hypnosis, they entertain themselves and smoke tobacco.

He lives in the only freedom there is, in perception not directed towards any object.
The only true life is in death, which means being nothing. That is the most important thing in life. Then living is not fear.

Can one die now? It's the only way to be out of the madness. Not touching the world. Have no desire at all, only to be in Unitary Perception.
One of the primary problems created by thought in fragmentary perception consists in a (fear-driven) delusionary belief that one will live forever in time (as Mr. X or Ms. Y). The eternal life in time (after physical death of the body!) will be granted to him or her by some mysterious entity if they follow its rules and make others comply with the rules even by force.
It frequently causes havoc in the world because some of the people are very influential.

Someone who understands what a miracle life is will not tear a single leaf on a tree.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Anything what one touches in this world turns into suffering.

It is not sensible to get attached to anything.

What is the most important thing?

- To be nothing.

Friday, 17 February 2017

They physicists say that the universe is a place of entropy, a gradual decline into disorder.

So it's easy to say I don't care. But it has consequences. Looking from the psychological poing, it makes one feel defeated, demoralized, depressed.

O one can always try to give ones best, excellence no matter what happens. And never feel defeated even if one gets knocked down and bites the dust over and over again.

Which way is the sensible one?

Is it possible to learn to live with anxiety without any reaction?

The source of anxiety is thought in fragmentary perception.

The only way to freedom from  Unitary Perception.

Friday, 10 February 2017

We all have the same problem with non-functional thought, which breeds fear. The thought of the 'future' is the root of fear.

What we need is some food, clothes and shelter. Yes, it is not easy to get those these days. But we worry about countless other things, which doesn't help either. People who have a house and food do not stop worrying.

The only way out of misery is through Unitary Perception. It is perception not directed towards any object. Another definition is attempting to perceive everything perceptible (sounds, vision, weight, thought) at the same time without effort.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

People go to see Rome, New York, Yellowstone park but do they see the tree outside their house? If they perceived what is going on here, there would be no need to seek vacation somewhere else. True vacation is in Unitary Perception.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Does a doctor in a psychiatric hospital argue with a patient who keeps saying he's Napoleon?

The psychiatric hospital is a metaphor. We carry the nut house with ourselves everywhere we go. It is the fragmentary perception of thought, which results in delusion, suffering and violence.

There is no true happiness in fragmentary perception.