Thursday, 28 March 2019

Is regret or sorrow possible without memory and idea?

Can there be regret or sorrow if memory and idea of something are not sustained?

It is fairly easy, as one investigates this problem, to identify the underlying unity of these apparently different phenomena: memory, idea, ideology, image, emotion, fear, hate and visceral and muscular activity.

We are learning that it is a unitary META Process:
- mnemonic (memory),
- eidetic (ideas),
- thymic (emotions),
- autonomic (relating to the events of the autonomous nervous system)'

To simplify, we can call the META Process thought.

Thought has a tendency to function on it's own in 'closed circles', like a dog chasing its tail.

There can be functional thought, necessary for a short time during the day (for example planning to build a bridge) and non-functional thought (memory which continues without environmental stimuli, false memory with new stimuli - deja vu, desire, fear).

However, functional or non-functional, thought inexorably interferes with the direct contact with reality - Unitary Perception.

Unitary Perception - Non-imaginary reality.
Thought (META Process) - Imaginary reality.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Propaganda has always been rather crude, Since the ancient Egypt, through the III Reich and Stalin to the 21 century. It's the same repackaged lies.

If people simply examined every situation for themselves, the spin doctors couldn't exploit them. But the mind in the fragmentary perception has been conditioned and reacts. The programmer presses one button - this reaction, another button - that reaction. Opinions and emotions (the META Process) are important, not the facts.

Children don't learn how to rest and observe, how to live sanely and intelligently. In school it's enough to shape the student and stuff him with knowledge in order to be an obedient rat in a maze.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Metals like copper, zinc or led, silver, gold (every mobile phone has some) crude oil and other resources are running out.

There will be more plastic in the sea than fish soon.

The current model of the economy, studied from various points of view, is unsustainable.

The sun and wind energy are not running out for now.

How hard is it to see their potential? It's merely 2+2 = 4. It's not higher maths.

But not much is being done about it.

We can see one effect of the fragmentary perception with its products like nationalism, corruption, superstition.

Denial of reality and paralysis where something has to be done.

The price of it is going to be enormous.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Desire in C is neurosis.
In C, the problem of desire is in its totality insoluble for thought right now. The idea of the future is invented and the problem persists.
But the problem, conflict, desire, future, fear, my self and thought is the same thing and the mind is wearing itself out trying to solve it.

The only real solution is B.

It does not mean we cannot plan to build a house or buy a new pair of shoes. But we don't stress about it, there is no pressure. If we manage to buy the new shoes, it's OK, if we don't it's also fine. If there is a thought of disappointment or fear, we perceive it with everything perceptible, without effort, at the same time.

B is the quantum leap of psychology. But to call it a leap is a figure of speech.

B is the Unitary Perception of all that is perceptible at the same time, right now, without effort.

C is thought.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The fragmentary perception, so memory, imagination, thought, quickly turns into fantasy if it's non-functional and not curbed by the scientific method. Thought is cyclical, repetitive, conflicting, incoherent, ruled by duality, contradiction and paradox. In consequence, it leads to simple egregious errors and facilitates distortion and conflict in human relationship

All what is factually happening right now, all energy, is not a fantasy or illusion. In Unitary Perception we are in contact with energy (gravity, light, heat, sound) and the contact is only possible without prejudice. In UP we have access to the unknown right now, and we don't know beforehand, we have to look and listen with full passion and interest.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

As has been proven a lot in history, a person in the fragmentary perception can be easily steered, used and exploited. It's enough to reiterate to him the lies that feel good for his META Process, the superficial intelligence-abusing lies by which he has been programmed in the school or family and which are strengthened everyday in the society and which he regurgitates himself with pleasure and pride or fear and dread, 'I am a Russian', 'I am an American', 'I am a Christian', 'I am a Muslim', I am rich, poor, I am this or that.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Efforts, in the fragmentary perception, which profit one group of people or one country at the cost of others will not bring prosperity and won't make the country great. The Chinese Wall wasn't a success. The end of the world free trade is not anyone's success either. But to see this simple fact, a half brain working is perhaps not enough.