Monday, 20 November 2017

Even if something looks nice on the surface, if it doesn't have roots in fact, if it's not true to the bone, it will sooner or later rot, stink and fall apart. There is no good home on moving sands.
Fragmentary perception of thought is OK until it's OK.
Why would a sane person rely solely on what someone or some book says on the matter of morality and what is right living?

Do I have to look around for someone to tell me what to do or what not to do? There is a 'specialist' waiting at every corner of the street..

Or is it enough to stop abusing one's intelligence?

Know for yourself.
What does it mean to ask a question?
If one does it at all seriously, to really find out, one has to suspend all opinions. Surely the question cannot be used as a lead to an already formed conclusion in memory. There cannot be any limits to the exploration, one has to go from fact to fact and examine afresh, never from opinions, vested interests or sympathies.
It all naturally requires patience, honesty and humility, which may have a lot to do with doubt. So doubt if there is no proof, question, examine, never believe anything just because someone said it.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

I have gathered a notebook-thick bundle of cardboard tea packages in just a couple of months.. How much of say.. paper can be wasted at the scale of the whole planet?

Thursday, 9 November 2017

When you live on the Earth and you know nothing about science it seems natural to think that the Sun revolves around the Earth. But science proved it's the other way round. It took several hundreds of years to take root but it's now generally accepted knowledge. Technically in fact, what is going on is that the Earth, Sun and all the planets are orbiting around the center of mass of the solar system.
In a similar way, it's natural to think there is an unchanging self which is the centre of one's being. But modern psychology says there is no such thing. The self, the me, something which feels so close is just a superproduct of thought. There is no thinker, only thought.
It is a hard pill to swallow, for it is 'me' after all. So this knowledge may take a long time to take root in the society. But it is so, this is a fact.
Say you want to listen to your favorite song, one of the many you have, you listen to it once, another one and another one.. it's not so pleasurable anymore, right? You got tired of it, so you wanted more and more, like a drug. After all what do they say about smoking? That it goes well with drinking, etc.. But wait.. was the really so pleasurable the first time? Maybe the first few beats, the start of the melody, the first refrain? Or maybe.. it was only in thought, emotions stirred up by the music? Maybe the sounds are just sounds in fact? What if the best thing to do was not to play the song at all? Conserve the energy. Energy that we waste all day on this or that. Maybe that would actually lead to something that would turn out to be most joyful? DO NOT WASTE ENERGY, that is the true meaning of the words religion (religare), yoga, zen, dhjana. Be a passer-by.

Monday, 6 November 2017

One reaction to the Sutherland Springs shooting:

'I think Pres. XXXXX will have to decree that all Am-ans must be armed when they leave home.
More guns is the answer to more shootings.
Since Wisconsin just passed a law that there is absolutely no minimum age limit on who can hunt with guns, it follows that there will be no minimum age limit on who must be armed when they leave home.

Of course, the politicians will soon be on TV saying that now is not the time to discuss gun laws.

Edit: the Texas attorney general has just announced that these shootings would stop if more people carried concealed weapons.'

First of all of course it's a standard example of the chaos and contradiction produced by the fragmentary perception and confirmation that clinical retards occupy many highest positions in the society.


A very simple mechanism: If I carry a gun, you feel threatened. So you get a gun too.

Now we're all feeling threatened.

And if we are, someone will snap sooner or later and start firing because he's angry or scared or maybe not just mentally imbalanced (fragmentary perception) but clinically mentally ill.


Perhaps by pointing out that black is black, 2+2=4 and idiocy is idiocy there can be some most basic learning?
It is simple and completely obvious:
MORE guns, landmines, bombs, rockets, poison gas = MORE killing.
What can this obvious abuse of intelligence and refusal to see a basic fact be attributed to if not hypnosis by thought in fragmentary perception?