Sunday, 10 September 2017

Are dogs happier than humans and why? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
They don't need passports.
Don't have politicians or lawyers.
No police and.. secret police..
They don't think too much about what will be or what was..
Why are you unhappy?

Because you always want.

Primarily some one or something to take away the anxiety.

Always trying to escape.
A society where footballers are highest paid and teachers lowest.

And they say they love their children.

2+2 = 3

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Right action is free from all motives, for profit, pleasure, power, prestige.

Some one sees that all over the world 'meditation' is associated with concentration and hypnosis and advertised as the intelligent solution to problems. But it is madness.

He sees clearly that it's wrong, it's a colossal mistake. So he says that there is no freedom in concentration, hypnosis, escapes, they are not a solution, on the contrary they add to the confusion.

First one tries to be successful in business and when he's not, he turns to 'spirituality' and makes often tremendous efforts in this direction. Or those who are successful in business and amassed a lot of wealth, now start in the other direction.

In both cases it's the me. That elephant will not go through the keyhole however hard it tries.

If a motive comes up, all we can do is simply include it in the perception of everything perceptible.

Monday, 4 September 2017

The reserves of oil will run out completely in around 30 years from now.
Which means the end of automobiles, long distance travel, satellites, rockets!, tanks, airplanes, helicopters..
Prices skyrocket.. soap, diapers, drinking water,. Tractors.. Hey, tennis, football, etc. all sport competition only local. It can happen any time really.
Billion people wont charge electric cars overnight when there's need of energy for production of the most important things like medicine. And the power plants run on coal..
How to dispose of nuclear waste without petrol? How to transport coal to the plants? Electric cars will be needed for that. They will probably be reserved for the government..
Living in the cities will be very hard. Farm life should be OK but I doubt they won't be ravished or controlled by the governments.
Do the politicians even see the roadblock or prepares for it? Of course..
Hell.. I'm really trying to looking at it realistically how is it possible to feed and provide sufficient healthcare for 60 billion people or whatever the number is currently..
It really does start to look like Mad Max but much more crowded..
The petrol era was nice while it lasted but it was short..

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Would not a serious attempt to answer that question have to first acknowledge that language carries with itself the problem?

In fragmentary perception 'I' have a 'problem' (with this or that). So that affirmation already contains the horizontal conflict (the subject vs the object). 

So firstly we see that we must be very careful with language.

The thinker and (his) thoughts.

But when it is attempted without effort to perceive everything perceivable at the same time, including thought, in this true factual perception there is no thinker.

There is no thinker, only thought. The fact is that the thinker is the product of thought. 

This is not just a conclusion (knowledge) but an observable fact.

And what is the pillar of the human society? And what an enormous structure was built on the illusion?

Do we see the consequences?

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Interesting question.
A shock when one loses something one thinks is valuable (part of his self, his pleasures) can last for 2, 3 days or even longer. Then the fact seems to get accepted, assimilated, transcended.
But why does it have to happen in the first place? Why does it have to start at all?
Because one is attached to that thing, isn't it? Attachment meaning conditioned thought, memory.