Saturday, 9 February 2019

Race to a precipice.

We need equilibrium and peace instead unsustainable growth and permanent conflict.
But how can I expect peace in the world if I am not in peace at home?
The constant rat race of the world is a reflection of my anxiety in the fragmentary perception of thought.
It's easy to understand that wanting to achieve/obtain something (to become 'happy' in the future) is a contradiction and illusion. The results of the META Process are different than planned, in fact what is produced is absolute time, fear and sorrow.
But we can encompassed in Unitary Perception and then it's a completely different way of living, out of the illusion and conflict.

Sunday, 3 February 2019

We must understand what tremendous value free speech has and how it has to be used and protected intelligently.
We must understand that it's a considerably recent human achievement and every dogmatic believer or dictator will try to exert his power to undermine and limit it.

The death sentence of Socrates (399 BC) was legal consequence of asking politico-philosophic questions of his students, from which resulted the two accusations of moral corruption and of impiety. At trial, the majority of the dikasts (male-citizen jurors chosen by lot) voted and agreed to a sentence of death by drinking a poisonous beverage of hemlock.

Jesus Christos was accused, tried and killed for blasphemy, meaning simple words that didn't go well with the establishment and religious lawyers of the time.

Painter Francisco Goya was probably last person tried by the Inquisition, which tortured and burned people alive roughly from 1231 till 1815.
The report of a representative of the secret service of the Inquisition court went: 'Having the obligation to initiate proceedings against painters in accordance with the eleventh rule of the censorship procedure [...] mentioned Goya should be summoned before the tribunal.'
A few dozen years earlier, such a note would have meant torture, trial and perhaps prison or execution. Once someone fell into the shaft and cogs of the Holy Office, it was not easy to free himself.
The painter, whose services were sought after by the aristocracy and the court, repeatedly immortalized on his canvases and graphics the victims of the torture of the Inquisition.
Fortunately for Goya, in 1815 the Spanish Inquisition did not have such impact on social life as before, even if on paintings like 'Procession of Flagellants' or 'The Court of Inquisition' he perfectly depicted the horror and the gloom of this institution. 'I am not terrified by witches, ghosts, behemoths, or other such creatures - wrote Goya - aside of man.'
Unlike the countless of earlier victims, no records survived of Goya's punishment. The Spanish Inquisition was finally liquidated five years later, in 1820.

Censorship decided what could and what could not have been be published in the communistic countries.

Even nowadays there are renowned European politicians who demand '20 lashes' for journalists who publish caricatures of a prophet or make fun of religious dogmas. And the journalists are shot down with machine guns.

The 'demons' who are none other than dogmatic men run by the META Process in the fragmentary perception are still openly practicing their rites and teaching children at schools in a number of countries.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

In the hypnosis of the fragmentary perception people don't actually perceive what is happening.
Common examples can be smoking cigarettes, quarreling, soppiness and pride when a national song is played, religious rites and superstitions or killing each other in the mass madness called war.
Unitary Perception, actually perceiving all that is happening right now without effort, is the essential action freeing us from the hypnosis, conflict and incoherence of the fragmentary perception.

The contact with reality as energy (gravity, light, heat, sound at the same time) in the pure observation of Unitary Perception, is out of the hypnosis of thought and it can well be the end of all addiction.

In UP it's much harder to abuse your intelligence.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Everything in the Universe has two orders, implicit and explicit and the movement between them is Holokinesis - the movement between here and here. Both orders are in the same space. An electron disappears in its implicit order, and reappears in the same space, in its explicit order.

This is happening, David Bohm said, all over the Universe, in three-dimensional space. The two orders are everywhere in the Universe, matter-energy. The Universe is full of matter and energy and the interface between matter and energy, which is mind. Matter energy and mind are universal. That means that electron has mind too, it comunicates with other electrons (Einstein Podolski Rosen, EPR experiment).

Holokinesis is the highest energy because at that level there’s only one energy. When energy is expressed or it’s made explicit, it becomes gravity, electromagnetic energy, nuclear energy, weight energy (gravity.

Unitary Perception is the only way that we can be consciously in contact with Holokinesis, it is the consciousness of Holokinesis. UP creates regeneration at all of the levels (aspects) of reality: energetic, quantum, molecular and psychosocial.

This is a revolution without precedent. We have two movements, the movements from here to there and the movement from here to here, which is the one David Bohm brings, for the first time in history and the fact that in the Universe we have universal matter and energy but also universal mind.

The mind is not only the product of the interaction of the organism with the environment, which is C - thought, memory and imagination.

The mind is also B - Unitary Perception, which is the conscious connection with Holokinesis.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

C Precinct of the mind: Thought is cyclical, repetitive, conflicting, 99% unconscious, incoherent, ruled by duality, contradiction and paradox. The great confusion in which we live is the product of innumerable distortions of thought which have accumulated, in the last five or ten thousand years. Thought distorts observation, inventing the Horizontal conflict and absolute time. The horizontal conflict is the belief that the observer is separate from everything observed 'within' (like 'sadness') and 'outside' (like the moon'). The thinker separates himself from thought without acknowledging he in fact is thought (a product of thought). Fragmentary perception of thought establishes contact with particles, masses, forms, 'identities', 'egos', the emotions of fear, anger and sorrow, beliefs, ideologies, absolute time, divided space, comparisons and paradoxes. B Precinct of the mind: Pure observation in Unitary Perception is contact with energy, which reaches the organism and that emerges from it (in irrelevant time). In Unitary Perception all sound, all visible light in the totality of the visual field, gravity and heat are perceived at the same time, right now. In Unitary Perception there is only the now and energy is one. In Holokinesis there’s only one energy and when that energy is expressed or it’s made explicit, it becomes gravity, electromagnetic energy, nuclear energy, gravity (weight). When there is contact with energy (gravity, light, heat, sound) at the same time in Unitary Perception, language ('within/outside, 'East/West', 'North/South' etc.), the concept of absolute time and the horizontal conflict dissolve. IN UNITARY PERCEPTION THERE IS THOUGHT, BUT NO THINKER. In UP space is one and time is irrelevant, there is no comparison and paradox is understood beyond thought, at a much deeper level. In Unitary Perception, we have holokinetic, quantum, energetic, molecular and psychosocial communion, a tremendous relationship and regeneration.

Friday, 18 January 2019

There is a widespread habit to overuse and misuse thought.
Fragmentary perception is necessary thought to operate, predict and plan for 30 minutes a day. But if it's used non-functionally, throughout the day, it facilitates distortion and conflict in human relationships.
Intelligence has to intervene in order to give place to Unitary Perception, once the fragmentary perception of thought has accomplished its function.

Unitary Perception means conscious contact with energy (gravity, light, heat, sound at the same time) without effort. If we see the Universe in Unitary Perception, time becomes irrelevant.
In this dimension of vibrant mental silence, it is possible to establish a much deeper contact between human beings. The contact goes beyond the mutual formation and projection of images (Muslim - Catholic, American - Russian, white -black, rich - poor, etc.) which makes every human being a potential enemy of himself and others.

UP can be only tried right now. There is only the now and the only thing that can be is what is.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

When there is contact with energy (gravity, light, heat, sound) at the same time, in the pure observation of Unitary Perception, language, the concept of absolute time and fear get dissolved.

In UP thought is perceivable (if it appears), not its superproducts like absolute time or fear.

In Unitary Perception there is no absolute time and fear.

But if expectation, effort or comparison appear, in UP they are perceived with everything perceivable at the same time.

Do we see the importance of UP? It's easy to fail to notice it in the hypnosis of C.