Tuesday, 9 January 2018

You cannot say you are 'helping the poor' and build battleships and armies at the same time, instead investing in modern hospitals. First you would have to stop hurting yourself in hypnosis because you were programmed like a computer and you don't see what is happening like a computer. So you would have to simply stop. Stop wasting money on rockets and rifles. Until then your actions are just a pose to cover a big swindle.

A policeman on the street cannot say 'forests are not my jurisdiction, it's a matter of a different task force' when kids ride on motorcycles or leave beer cans and bottles among the trees. If he can, it means the police is divided and corrupted - dividing is a favourite game of the fragmentary perception.

Those are only few of the many obvious contradictions.

You cannot be a 'good' scientist at work, go home and beat your wife or husband. If you're an ambitious violent person, it's probable it will crop up in different places at different times, affecting all people and life everywhere.

You cannot take care just about a part of a river that are within the borders of your nation. If the spring in the mountains gets poisoned, the whole river will.

If a butterfly flutters its wings in 'Mexico', it affects 'Canada'. Mexico, Canada, Japan and Germany are super-products of thought. A bird doesn't see a border when it flies over it.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

It is healthy when one gives his best irrespective of the effects. The results do not matter matter, there is no difference what happens, win or loss, 'good' or 'bad'. She does not have preferences. What counts is this one step while climbing, not reaching the summit!
On the other hand, it's unhealthy if my behaviour changes depending on the results. If I won, if it's sunny, if it's going OK, I'm happy. If I lost, if it's raining, if it's going 'bad', I'm unhappy. These are deep down not more than thoughts according to a certain pattern (conditioning). They may effect the whole system (the heart beat, etc.) through the M.E.T.A. process (mnemonic, eidetic, thymic, autonomic) But it doesn't change the fact that the root of the problem is thought.
If one is content for something, one is not truly content.
The epistemological definition of Unitary Perception is observation which includes the observer and the observed at the same time.
So there is nothing in the 'shadow'. There is no shadow. The shadow is a product of thought when one is not perceiving all what is happening right now.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Thought is incredible. One morning it says everything is black, you only make mistakes, nothing works, the world is suffocating you. It is what it says and if one does not have space in perception, Unitary Perception than it's very easy to despair, make incorrect decisions. Thought is necessary in the functional field, in work, how to build a bridge but it's a very blunt instrument and when it enters the psychological sphere of life, it multiplies lies and falsities.
In truth Life is so so, some things work, others don't, one day it's winter and rain (maybe a long time) but there comes a day when it's a sunny summer. Today can be very unlucky but if one perseveres, one can give himself a chance, probability is then higher that something can work out 'well'.

It's a mistake to wait for the sunny day or the day when everything works out well. We shouldn't be driven by the results, get attached to the things which give us pleasure. What we get attached to becomes the source of unhappiness, take it to the bank brother! Contentment for something is not true contentment.

So we are concerned with living life correctly, that's all. To make this one step without falling. Is it too much to take? To make this one step here right. It doesn't matter what the outcome is. A chilly Monday evening walk when the crows go to sleep in the alley is OK when the thought of a house on the sunny beach does not enter.

First of all I think it's important to be watchful when we are about to get entangled in the complicated things of the world. If we are very attentive and perceptive than perhaps we may not have to dis-entangle ourselves later, which can be very hard. Do you really want to smoke the cigarette because you had a bad day? You don't see what you are doing right now. You are certainly not helping yourself.

Every little step counts, now.
The internet is full of various 'coaches' and teachers advocating this or that. If one observes closely, what the majority of them are saying one can see that they are advocating one or another form of concentration: prayer, gods, transcendental meditation, how to found a company in 4 hours (the one who is writing this is not running a business himself just writing the advice) and so on.
Now, why would anyone believe in what they say? Why believe? Let's say one can try 'focusing on the breadth' for a year. What would one find? Obviously that when one part of thought is trying to focus, there is always a underlying part which controls it (the controller, the thinker, the me). So there can never be 100% concentration, aside perhaps of total hypnosis (dream like state). The state those people want is hypnosis? Apparently it is so. Why? Because it's advertised as peace. Hypnosis is advertised as peace.. But wait.. you cannot stay hypnotized the whole time. In transcendental meditation they will say to you: 'Practice with this mantra for an hour or two hours a day.' So it's even more complicated, doesn't make sense at all. The aim is to have the 'peace' (= struggle to concentrate on the mantra or prayer or whatever) from the practice in the other part of life! This is all truly a conundrum. But what can one ask when it's all wrong from the first step.
The fragmentary perception of thought is full of contradictions. And nobody even notices it. A hypnotized person would not notice an elephant in the room.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

One asks oneself, 'Is this all what life is about'? All this pain? Struggle to buy a house, struggle to find a partner, struggle at work perhaps an occasional moment of elation here and there? And what, then there's a lot of physical pain and we pop off? Is that it? Would it be worthwhile to live in all this suffering for 30 or 70 years? Or maybe if one is a politician, a lawyer or a businessman there's a lot of frantic activity, a do-gooder reformist or a cold-blooded scam artist.
Maybe there is something wrong with all this. Why do I look for a friend with whom I could go for trips on bikes? A partner who will possibly try to subjugate me to his or her desires, boss me around, will not be perceptive enough to turn off the light when it's not needed or not switch it on when it's not needed? Someone who very probably will have moods, will chatter endlessly, maybe lie and cheat? After all that all is pretty common when one is not interested in Unitary Perception. Why must I struggle with that too, get attached and so on? It's not to say I have to refrain from it or fight it, but is it an essential need of the body like food or sleep? Is it the genes, programmed for reproduction, so for closeness to others? Or is it for 'me'? Because 'I' fear being alone, I call it loneliness and so on. I think I am unable to just sit quietly doing nothing, I never even try. I always look for something, do something from working and shopping to drinking and cleaning, reading, watching movies and clips, listening to music and so on. Always busy. Are these the body's needs or 'mine'? Who am I then? Who is the one who needs all of those things? Vacation in Spain, the new car, the better house, being an MP, a president, a general, invade Russia or France, convert non believers as a priest?
The body needs some food a couple times a day, being clean, without pain, physical exercise, fresh air, some clothes, not being cold or too hot.
However maybe it is not all that life is about, maybe all this is just a shallow affair. Maybe we just know only what we know and therefore we cannot imagine there is something much greater to discover in life?

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The super-products of non-functional thought in the fragmentary perception are for example known as
'future' and 'fear'.

'Tomorrow' is 'fear' and both are super-products of non-functional thought in the fragmentary perception.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

An old man said, 'I'd like to die , death would finish the struggle. I've been struggling so much. Over a job, in my family, to buy a house, fix the car, there has always been problems, anxieties, health scares. And when I had a free moment I felt lonely and went to a pub with friends to drink or watched stupid TV shows or listened to music for hours on end. I haven't been able to just sit and enjoy living, not being occupied by this or that, working on improvement of my life.. I have never really lived, I have always been becoming, working for the future in which I would be happy. But it never materialized. I have never been able to find peace myself. And now I'm tired. I'm counting on death to bring peace.'

Being second-hand beings we count on others to fix our lives, to free us. God, the state, the politicians, the saviors to save us. I lack confidence so I turn to an external force to change my life. Thereby I only make a bigger mess out of my life. Pretending is easier than facing the dirty bathroom and cleaning it oneself. That's what most of us do.

One who hasn't died before death cannot be truly in peace.