Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The base fear is the fear of the end of the thinker in the future (= psychological). But in fact there is no thinker. The thinker is an illusion sustained by thought in the fragmentary perception. Both the fear and the thinker are superproducts of thought.

There is only one door to be free of the illusion and fear, Unitary Perception, and there is no other time but now.

Unitary Perception has nothing to do with effort. Psychological effort is continuation of the illusion. UP is being conscious of all energy, light, sound, gravitation, thought, in the brain. So it is, in other words, being awoken (second awakening) from the hypnosis of the fragmentary perception (linear time, fear, sorrow, despair, disappointment, achievement, etc). Unitary Perception is living in facts, not falsities.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

There isn't anything that we have to get rid of psychologically.
However everything can be PERCEIVED as it is.
What is seen in the Unitary Perception, among all energy, is thought.

And the semi-automatic unconscious mechanism of thought is the reality behind many illusions it produces in the fragmentary perception. So what factually is, is perceived (and what is not, isn't..)

There isn't any special time, THIS is the only time there is, right now. No choice, direction or effort is needed. How much effort does it take to wake up from hypnosis? Desires and efforts is what puts us back in the prison of the fragmentary perception.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Among the features of the fragmentary perception of thought are contradiction, conflict, disharmony, fear, sorrow, time, hypnosis, stress, confusion, violence, incoherence, attachment, despair, division, nationalism, disorder, war.
In the incomplete fragmentary perception, there appears the horizontal conflict (subject - object, time).

One thought of little desire slips in igniting another in chain, the brain gets engulfed in fire.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

There's no need to be afraid of any thought, they can't bit if we don't escape them. If we do try to escape instead of letting everything come and go, than it's the problem of the fragmentary perception. Fear and sorrow are not met completely and transcended, only swept under the carpet. From there we always escape, into entertainment, drink, food, violence, activism, nationalism, work, organized religion and hundred other things, which in the end always proves a waste of energy and disappointment in the end. It can't be otherwise, they are only fragments.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

It's not sure if it can be said that one who transcended

grief is troubled by the accelerating degeneration and


If there is grief, it's perceived in Unitary Perception.

In truth we don't live in time, we live in space.

It's just that 2+2=4. And on TV they say it's 3 or 5.

So if one is not abusing one's intelligence, it's only

natural to say that black is black if the program says

What's important is if we do our best at this moment. If you're playing tennis, you try to play this one shot well, that's all. It's not necessary to worry about the result. If you're building a house, mix the cement well. If you're having lunch, eat something rich in quality rather then quantity. Quality can be a slice of wholemeal bread eaten in peace rather than a four-course meal swallowed unconsciously in haste (watch out not to choke!). Don't rush from good to better. Also taking a good rest is part of excellence. What happens when nothing happens? Do not avoid the void. Excellence is intelligence. Excellence means not getting hypnotized by despair and fear of the fragmentary perception of thought. Excellence is Unitary Perception.