Saturday, 25 June 2016

You once had a dream. You were entering an area of block of flats in some city. It was a new experience because You've never been there. So it felt like wonder, the new is amazing, it means amazement. The area wasn't particularly beautiful but it was mysterious cause you didn't know what was next. You kept walking slowly and at the crossroads, at the ground floor of one of the buildings you found a jewellery shop on the left. There were a couple of other shops too, then more blocks, trees, grass..
 If one is not VERY VERY attentive, buying a home somewhere for oneself and staying there with and idea it is 'mine', in one place, can be like crystallizing and losing that wonder, that observation full of mystery: what's next, who are these people living here, what are they like, what colors, sounds and smells will you encounter round the corner?
Was that maybe what Jesus meant when he said: Foxes have holes.. but the son of man does not have a place to lay his head?

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