Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Right action is free from all motives, for profit, pleasure, power, prestige.

Some one sees that all over the world 'meditation' is associated with concentration and hypnosis and advertised as the intelligent solution to problems. But it is madness.

He sees clearly that it's wrong, it's a colossal mistake. So he says that there is no freedom in concentration, hypnosis, escapes, they are not a solution, on the contrary they add to the confusion.

First one tries to be successful in business and when he's not, he turns to 'spirituality' and makes often tremendous efforts in this direction. Or those who are successful in business and amassed a lot of wealth, now start in the other direction.

In both cases it's the me. That elephant will not go through the keyhole however hard it tries.

If a motive comes up, all we can do is simply include it in the perception of everything perceptible.

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