Sunday, 8 October 2017

Religion is not based on faith, following somebody and certainly not on becoming a slave to a group or an idea.
The root of the word religare means to gather energy. Religion means to live intelligently. NOT in the afterlife or some other imaginary time or place to which I will get after a lot of struggle and suffering in the name of this or that.
So on the contrary, there is place for doubt in religion. That means not following any one, any authority and rather testing everything in one's life.

If the Universe is a result of pure chance, it's doesn't make a tiny bit less miraculous the fact that there is Something rather than nothing at all. It is amazing and it's essential not to lose the amazement, the surprise, not if I have a lot of knowledge in physics or some other discipline. The important question is if I am out of neurosis, our of the turmoil created by those running around in hypnosis. if I have a chance. The only way to do this is Unitary Perception.
People a long time ago didn't know that the earth was revolving around the sun, yet there is some evidence that some of them at least identified what the origin of disorder was psychologically. They found out and understood what is most important.
Because otherwise, technology will work against us, destroy us rather than help to live more comfortably.

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