Tuesday, 9 January 2018

You cannot say you are 'helping the poor' and build battleships and armies at the same time, instead investing in modern hospitals. First you would have to stop hurting yourself in hypnosis because you were programmed like a computer and you don't see what is happening like a computer. So you would have to simply stop. Stop wasting money on rockets and rifles. Until then your actions are just a pose to cover a big swindle.

A policeman on the street cannot say 'forests are not my jurisdiction, it's a matter of a different task force' when kids ride on motorcycles or leave beer cans and bottles among the trees. If he can, it means the police is divided and corrupted - dividing is a favourite game of the fragmentary perception.

Those are only few of the many obvious contradictions.

You cannot be a 'good' scientist at work, go home and beat your wife or husband. If you're an ambitious violent person, it's probable it will crop up in different places at different times, affecting all people and life everywhere.

You cannot take care just about a part of a river that are within the borders of your nation. If the spring in the mountains gets poisoned, the whole river will.

If a butterfly flutters its wings in 'Mexico', it affects 'Canada'. Mexico, Canada, Japan and Germany are super-products of thought. A bird doesn't see a border when it flies over it.

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