Monday, 27 November 2017

He had been already telling the cleaning lady in the previous job that it's not sensible to worry at all when she fell seriously ill.
That was before he made more money than he really needed.

Now he was thinking about a quiet house at the beach or with green plants outside the window..

When the king wanted to appoint a wise man as his adviser, the man said: I happen to have a deep-seated and worrisome illness which I am just now trying to put in order. So I have no time to put the empire in order.

He who knows how to respect life, though he may be rich and honored, will not allow the means of nourishing life to injure him. Though he may be poor and humble, he will not allow concerns of profit to entangle his body. The men of the present age, if they occupy high office and are honored with titles, all think only of how serious a matter it would be to lose them. Eyes fixed on profit, they make light of the risk to their lives. Are they not deluded indeed?

When Huang-Po was offered a position in the Prince's court he said: Thanks but I prefer to wallow in the mud like that carefree turtle there!

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