Tuesday, 5 December 2017

We don't have 20 years for which we plan for really given. We maybe have 5, 3 years. Maybe only THIS DAY.

Freedom is not in concentration, occupation, drive, ambition. These things are meaningless in the true perspective.

So what is most important? What is most important must be complete peace, which means being completely nothing. Because we DO NOT HAVE the future. Freedom is in Unitary Perception.

It also means no illusions, that there is a reason for this or that happening, that somebody can save us, that somebody knows something, that there is truth on TV or in the Hollywood films and if we do as the actors we will be successful or happy. On the contrary, the movies get more and more stupid. The heroes perform more and more impossible stunts and everything what they do works out. This doesn't happen in real life. In real life one welcomes what happens with equanimity, doesn't matter if it's a loss or a win, what is most important if it's worth to play.

Nothing to hold on to and we try our best.

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