Friday, 23 March 2018

But dialogue must be cultural.. Is it enough to say: 'OK, it will be cultural'? It would remind the pledge of a drunkard that he will drink just one shot. Yea, right..
So something much more is needed. Perception of what's going on. If I start to sputter words like a machine gun, hypnotized by my opinion, I just see what is going on. I'm not saying it's OK or it's wrong that I'm violent, that I'm comparing myself with others and I'm greedy or envious. I JUST PERCEIVE the thoughts without any reaction, without choice, effort or expectation.
This is Unitary Perception. The observer is included in the observation. In the fragmentary perception of thought, in which most people live all days, the observer is hidden and is trying to control what is happening, breeding conflict. In the fragmentary perception there is the fictitious division between the controller and the controlled, so friction and dispersion of energy. In the fragmentary perception the neurons misfire.
Then we could begin and it would mean we both learn in the process. Without any authority, but like a friend with a friend, moving from a fact to a fact. So if we both look and do not avert our eyes, we see and hear the same at the same time.

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