Friday, 23 March 2018

The world is full of lamas, priests believing in whatever they believe, 'new age' advocates repeating mantras, praying, chanting or burning incense. People can believe they do something worthwhile while paying attention to their breadth.
It's good to first understand why someone wants to hold 'attention' on the breadth and who and why brings it back again when it wanders. Who even invented it in the first place and why does someone else follow his advice? It's very simple yet almost always overlooked by the teachers of some technique.
There are ancient belief systems, disciplines or philosophies, like Buddhism, early Christianity, Taoism or Zen, which lost their cores, were mistranslated and become misused. They may or may not have had the essence.
The fact is they are all empty shells now at best. Most turned into hierarchies, nationalism, machinery of government.
We need a careful precise language and a definition.
Unitary Perception (UP) is not a technique, it's a brain function like sleeping or eating. It is precisely defined.
UP is perceiving everything perceptible at the same time (now) without any effort or expectation. When thoughts happen, they are listened to as well, with all sound, in the brain.
UP is a perception which is not directed towards any object. It can be said, it is to be UNfocused.
From ontological point of view, UP is an observation which includes the observer together with the observed.

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