Friday, 23 March 2018

What does a gardener do when a tree is ill? Does he try to cure the leaves, one by one, or does he look into the root?

Similarly it's no use to try fixing the problems of the human society one by one, economical, health-care, unemployment, violence etc. None of them are really solved unless we examine the root.

Women's rights, pensioners problems, chimney sweeps fight for chimney sweeps.. countries guard their interests..

I think the river and the forest do not belong to 'me' so I pollute and destroy them.

It's all just sectarian action when what really counts is to see the whole map.

We cannot change something 'here' without changing things 'there'. Everything is interconnected. Literally. It's modern physics. Einstain Podolski Rosen. EPR. It's how space functions.

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