Saturday, 15 July 2017

An acceptance that something exists or is true without proof.

Looking at something in freedom so that you can understand it.

Which is yours?

It was proven beyond doubt that the Earth is round, that's a fact.
Yet, there are still people who believe the Earth is flat. Yes, they do.. They believe that NASA are lying to us.

They hold this opinion because obviously they do not look at the facts. Perhaps their family taught it to them or maybe they live in a society or 'religion' which prevent learning.

People believe in all sort of things for which there is no proof whatsoever. Justice? Has anyone seen it really in this world? Nationality? Isn't nationality simply a memory, a programming since childhood to repeat like a machine 'I am German' or I'm Russian'.

Has it ever been proven that the Devil exists? Why then the idea triggers a recollection of a furry goat-like black vicious looking personification of evil (or some other image, according to the past conditioning) and many tremble at the thought that His Majesty* is lurking somewhere to steal what they have most precious (which is in fact another belief called 'soul')?

To that some of them say: 'But it has not been proven that the Devil does NOT exist either!' Ha, we got you buster.

Well, no.

To use the famous argument, it would be equally impossible to disprove that there is an evil teapot orbiting Mars, which has various horrific plans for folks from the good ol' Earth who misbehave.. But how ridiculous it sounds? It is ridiculous because people had not been programmed by the society since childhood to believe the story. If they had, they would perhaps tremble at the thought of it as well.

What follows, you can figure out yourself, one is perfectly capable of finding out what is and what is not true among those multitude of things we are fed to every day. Nobody has to tell us what is black and what's white.
No one is trying to scare anyone, we are just looking at the facts together. But if one lives fully with facts, with what is, how can there be fear? It all what is, and fear does not enter HERE.

In Unitary Perception it is not that easy to abuse intelligence.

No, 2+2 is not 3 or 5. It is 4.

* For conspiracy hunters: the royal title was used here ironically. So please, spare the messenger burning at the stake for worshiping Satan, if you can.

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