Thursday, 20 July 2017

Depression is an interesting subject. I remember I felt a strange kind of sorrow in the winter. I woke up one morning and said to myself: 'Well it's better that you try your best this minute now, do your best cause otherwise you will lie in bed for two hours and what? It will only make it worse. So there's no choice, no help. One either helps himself or one will lie in bed or drink alcohol or whatever'.
But more importantly was why was I sad? I figured it out. It was because I wanted something. I wasn't hungry, I wasn't cold. I wanted 'more'. Happiness? A flowery romance? A soulmate which would understand my 'sensitivity', some one to tell about a romantic song in which I had fallen in love in a supermarket?  Anyway, I felt like I wanted something. That is why unmistakably I felt the sorrow. Is that the quintessence of depression? Not to have something one thinks one 'should' have or one is entitled to or all the people I see in the supermarket have but me? It seems so to me. 

OK, so if wanting something (anything) is the cause of sorrow than what is the antidote?

An easy guess..

But please pause for a moment and see the fact that wanting to stop wanting is.. right wanting. So any volitional act is obviously not a solution.

The only solution is called Unitary Perception, effortless and motiveless perception which is not directed towards any object and which encompasses thought.

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