Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Why would 'they' attack 'us'?What do 'we' have that is worth taking? The national debt? The supermarkets?

Are 'they' so mad that they would risk being wiped out with the whole Earth in an atomic war?

Why do we need more rockets and howitzers for billions which could have been used for health care? Will more rockets save us from evaporating in a split second when nuclear bombs starts exploding?

Is it not when our neighbour gets himself a rifle and a gun and spits insults at us when we become nervous and start to think he may actually invade your home at night?

This way the next arms race begins.

You don't know what goes on behind the fence on the other side, so you begin to imagine, you start to be are afraid. But if you went there and see, it would turn out they are just like you, have similar fears, similar sorrows and similar pleasures.

'The enemies' are invention of thought in the fragmentary perception.

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