Wednesday, 20 December 2017

One asks oneself, 'Is this all what life is about'? All this pain? Struggle to buy a house, struggle to find a partner, struggle at work perhaps an occasional moment of elation here and there? And what, then there's a lot of physical pain and we pop off? Is that it? Would it be worthwhile to live in all this suffering for 30 or 70 years? Or maybe if one is a politician, a lawyer or a businessman there's a lot of frantic activity, a do-gooder reformist or a cold-blooded scam artist.
Maybe there is something wrong with all this. Why do I look for a friend with whom I could go for trips on bikes? A partner who will possibly try to subjugate me to his or her desires, boss me around, will not be perceptive enough to turn off the light when it's not needed or not switch it on when it's not needed? Someone who very probably will have moods, will chatter endlessly, maybe lie and cheat? After all that all is pretty common when one is not interested in Unitary Perception. Why must I struggle with that too, get attached and so on? It's not to say I have to refrain from it or fight it, but is it an essential need of the body like food or sleep? Is it the genes, programmed for reproduction, so for closeness to others? Or is it for 'me'? Because 'I' fear being alone, I call it loneliness and so on. I think I am unable to just sit quietly doing nothing, I never even try. I always look for something, do something from working and shopping to drinking and cleaning, reading, watching movies and clips, listening to music and so on. Always busy. Are these the body's needs or 'mine'? Who am I then? Who is the one who needs all of those things? Vacation in Spain, the new car, the better house, being an MP, a president, a general, invade Russia or France, convert non believers as a priest?
The body needs some food a couple times a day, being clean, without pain, physical exercise, fresh air, some clothes, not being cold or too hot.
However maybe it is not all that life is about, maybe all this is just a shallow affair. Maybe we just know only what we know and therefore we cannot imagine there is something much greater to discover in life?

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