Wednesday, 13 December 2017

There is a little wooden street sanctuary at the side of the street. A note says a girl died there in a car accident with her boyfriend a few years ago. There are a burned out candles and a poem. Her parents and friends must still visit the place from time to time.
What would they do if they were given another chance? Would they live in the corrupted world like most of us, always struggling, in disorder and haste for a future gratification, becoming this or that, better job, higher position, more achievement?
Can perception be without time, without memory? Time and memory are super-products of thought, they seem to have a hypnotic like power to draw one in the perturbations of the corrupted society, which is not a sensible way of living at all. Does living in stress make any sense given how fragile life is?
The modern psychology states that neurosis is preparation for the future.
There is only one perception, a way of looking and listening which allows for constant freedom from time and memory, a perception which is not entangled in desire. We call it Unitary Perception. UP is effortless, timeless perception which is not directed towards any object. It is the Second Awakening, from the hypnosis of the fragmentary perception, from the nightmare in which most people live everyday.
There is NO TIME (to wait for a better time). The only time is now, whatever is happening. And it is always now.

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