Sunday, 8 April 2018

Three Violent Films

I don't know how one who is attached to the various forms of modern entertainment can find real peace in this world.

The film Favor (2013) which is getting good reviews on the net.. Who makes shocking shows of nonsensical cruelty like that? Do people really behave this way, do they do such things? Surely not on a regular basis. And who watches the films with interest other than perhaps for a study of human madness?

I'm afraid it the creators of movies like the one above or say The Hateful Eight (2015) or Edge (2015) may have crossed the threshold of the level of 'unbalanced' that most people live in. If one had to take some positives from it, one could argue that it's certainly better to make films about sadistic and murderous tendencies than to become a serial killer. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, please take it just as a precaution..

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